Creativity, Innovative Design and Efficiency

Communication is the connective tissue that is essential to the meaning of life. Whether we are communicating through conversation or correspondence, disseminating data, news and information by whatever means at our disposal, we are essentially forming vital linkages between individuals, groups, communities, nations and ultimately everyone, everywhere.

At the Titanium Room we specialise in communication. We make it our business to get to know our clients, their business, their brands, products and the unique features and benefits that set them apart from the rest of their competitors. Taking this in-depth understanding a step further, we believe in building solid, lasting relationships with our clients.

We take a level-headed approach to everything that we do, and develop highly creative designs and brand-building initiatives to the highest possible standards of quality and excellence.

The desired result? A message that is memorable, actionable and will create brand value. The end result? We create solutions that are designed to bring the brand to life.



Our Services

Creativity, innovative design and efficiency. This is our mission. From the initial design brief, we take a fresh approach and a holistic view of every project, managing every step of the way, from start to production. Our creative work specialises in the full through the line spectrum. Integrated coordination is assured with hands-on account management and strict cost control and attention to detail.

The Titanium Room is an award-winning through the line agency. Our work includes designing and developing corporate brands and identities, packaging, product literature, brochures, direct mail, annual reports, newsletters and magazines. Digital media, including website design and development, plays a key role in all our campaigns and communications. We also design extensions of the corporate brand, such as exhibition designs, outdoor branding and signage.


Environmentally Mindful Ideas

We support the increasing global awareness and the urgent need to minimise carbon emissions. As designers of images, words and messages, we are mindful to reduce our own carbon footprint by minimising wastage, as well as re-using and recycling within our own office environment. We extend this responsibility through to our production output by recommending the use of sustainable products and substrates to our clients wherever possible.

Social Responsibility

The Titanium Room is passionate about social responsibility and helping to make a difference to those who are less fortunate than we are. Whenever possible, we make a positive contribution by donating our time, skills and resources in a meaningful way for the benefit of deserving causes and charitable non-profit organisations that are in need of assistance. Two such examples are the Columba 1400 Youth Leadership Programme which aims to develop leadership qualities at secondary school level, and LumoHawk, an initiative established and headed up by Joel Stransky, which assists with education and recreational sports activities of underprivileged children in Gauteng and the Western Cape.

Our Team and our Capability

The Titanium Room’s core value is people. We believe in our people and the people with whom we connect daily. Our philosophy is built on going the extra mile, seeing beyond the obvious, and forming an integral extension of the client’s marketing team based on mutual respect and understanding.

We have a core team that share the same values. From the creative to the administrative side, we work together synergistically.

In addition to the core team we also stay in touch with industry specialists who assist when required. Teams are created and work closely from the briefing stage of a campaign, up until final production. Quality control is the last stage and the most important to us.

We network and work globally for a number of leading corporations and are able to export to international destinations. To this end, we handle the shipping logistics of completed work for our international clients.